Dear Editor:

When I heard about Eric’s termination my first reaction was anger. Not at the majority board members for making what I feel certain was a difficult decision for them, but for that small group of individuals who so callously led Eric down the wrong path. While these self-described “supporters” of Eric sat, financially secure with their comfortable retirement incomes, they repeatedly encouraged Eric to throw caution to the wind and ignore the basic rule of employment known by all of us who have ever worked for a living: know who your bosses are and work hard to support them and their agenda. You have to wonder what the “Eric supporters” were thinking when they encouraged him, time and time again, to ignore what the board wanted in favor of their own wishes and demands. Did they forget what it is like to actually work? If I was a cynic I might think they really didn’t care what happened to Eric, as long as they found someone to help them in their personal vendetta against the current majority board.  And in encouraging Eric to ignore the requests of his bosses, they fueled the fire, kept their own egos fed, and served their own selfish interests of returning to “power,” regardless of the divisiveness they were causing at HLR. While it’s true that Eric is an adult who knew what he was doing and made his own choices, I am nevertheless sorry that he and his family must pay the price for following the advice given to him by these individuals. I can only hope that this event will awaken the residents of HLR to the following reality: the current majority board members were elected by the majority of residents at HLR. They have been elected to lead the ranch into a new era. They have a LOT of work to do in transitioning us from a developer controlled association to a property owner controlled association. They took over a broken financial system, as the suspension of the first full audit in 7 years reveals. They inherited antiquated governing documents that have been neglected for years. They took on the very difficult task of looking for efficiencies and cost savings in our somewhat bloated operation.  For the first time, we have control over these issues and have a board that is willing to make the tough calls that need to be made for the future financial well-being of the ranch. The job is enormous and they need every bit of help they can get from a General Manager who is highly paid to help them run this 3 million dollar organization. All of the employees of HLRA, from the General Manager down, no longer work for a developer. They work for a homeowner elected board of directors and even though that board may turn over entirely every two years, they are still required to follow the direction given to them by the board members they serve. Given this fact, it would behoove them to stay out of the politics at HLR and it would behoove the residents at HLR to stop trying to pull the employees into their petty vendettas. Minority board members and homeowners who attempt to undermine the work of the majority board by compromising the employees of the ranch are dividing the ranch, pitting homeowners against each other, and sadly, are harming the employees by their actions. We owe these employees more than that! Many have spent decades helping to make Holly Lake Ranch the beautiful place that it is. I can only hope that these individuals will stop using these employees for their own political agendas. If we are to survive as a property owner controlled association, residents must stop undermining and start supporting, stop complaining and start helping. How sad it is that people would rather sit at a meeting heckling those who are working tirelessly on our behalf, rather than simply rolling up their sleeves and pitching in.

Shonna Mulkey, Holly Lake Ranch Resident 10 years