By Pastor Jack Hetzel

Evangelist David King, of Ft Worth, Texas for revival at First United Methodist Church, 101 N. Tyler St, Big Sandy, TX, July 7-9, Friday & Saturday services, 7 PM, Sunday 9 AM and 5 PM.

Evangelist has been greatly used of God throughout the southern part of USA, Philippines, Burma and other places.

Come one come all, just as you are, announces Dr Jack Hetzel, who will be beginning his 4th year as Pastor.

Evangelist David King has been preaching the summer of 1993, Since then he has ministered around southern USA, Mexico Granada, Philippians and Burma, doing revivals and healing crusades. He has ministered by Radio and television.

He has built two churches in the Philippines that are still going.

Our call and fire is to see cities shaken by the gospel with power like Acts 19 and see the churches grow as a result of Paul’s minister, Romans 15:1-20. Building New Testament ministries like that of Apostle Paul by standing with the local churches that are preaching the gospel and winning the lost to all that would be saved.

My attitude that the growth of churches should not be a transfer of membership from, but that new born believers are truly born again or made new through Christ Jesus.

In David’s ministry, demonstration and impartation has brought hundreds to be saved, healed and encouraged in Christ Jesus. People are moved by the power of God to want to serve Him.

Come be with us. We are expecting people to be saved, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit. Bring your sick as prayer will be offered for the sick expecting them to be healed in the name of Jesus.

These meetings are come as you are as this is for the entire town as other churches will be participating with us. We hope to see you there!