By Gorging George

Now, how does that sushi look in the photo??? You won’t find it at Leo’s Asian Bistro in Lindale.

If you say in your marketing, and on your website that you offer sushi, it’s probably a ‘raw deal’ if you visit the restaurant to find that they don’t have it. I wasn’t quite sure if we’d made it in before the chef, or they only offer it at certain times. Either way, we decided we were there so we ordered.

The place was really nice. With an upscale feeling, it looked like a sushi place. It kinda’ made me crave it even more. The waitress informed me that they only had sushi on Saturday nights starting at 5pm and since we were there at lunch time, so I went ahead and ordered something different.

We had the lettuce wrap for an appetizer. It was great-tasting with a very nice flavor. It reminded me of P.F. Changs, only as the waitress had informed me, they only use organic ingredients and the entire menu is local, farm-fresh and gluten-free. The only problem was that they used Romaine lettuce instead of iceburg. The smaller leaf of the Romain made it a bit harder to effectively wrap the filling. The Romaine lettuce is a bad idea because it was much more messy and didn’t act quite like a ‘taco shell’ like ice berg.

The server was nice, and very knowledgeable. She asked if we’d been there before, and we said no. She didn’t really offer a tour, or a dish that would show us what they are all about, so I ordered for an entre’, I ordered the Honey Seared Chicken. The menu described it as a ‘lightly battered’ chicken. Well, when the dish came out, I could not see the batter, so I asked the server, then she went into an in-depth explanation about it being a health-conscious place and that was why they didn’t use beer batter or any kind of filling batter. As we started to eat, I asked for some hot mustard. It was then she told me that either they were out, or they didn’t have any. If you have a Asian Bistro without hot mustard, I consider it a major flaw.

All-in-all, the place was nice. I’m sure the bar packs in a nice crowd, but as far as the food, I have to give them a B minus, for not having two of the most important things you need in a sushi restaurant – a sushi chef and sushi. And any Asian restaurant should have hot mustard.

They are new, so I thought, but when I asked how long they had been open the server said more than a year.  I had the hanker for some sushi, so I had to go to Tyler later in the week to have some at Yamoto’s.  Maybe next time if I have time I can go back when the chef is around.

For a good Asian meal, with the possibility of sushi, visit Leos in Lindale at 2808 S Main St, Lindale, TX 75771 or call (903) 882-5367 to make sure there is sushi there before you go.