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By Gorging George

I’ve taken a hiatus recently to cleanse my palette, and to try other areas outside of town and have found that there are so many places to go and eat. I want to encourage all of you who read to get a great group of foodies together, and start finding your favorite placed to eat. We want to hear from you what you think. I’m excited not only to revisit our local dining halls, but to see what is around us, look out Longview, Tyler, and Lindale!

So, the first place I went upon my arrival back to town is Taste of Italy on Lake Hawkins.  The friendly wait staff was very attentive. After a couple of issues with clean glasses and plates, which were immediately rectified, we were ready to order.

I ordered the the cheese Tortellini Alla Para with broccoli and Alfredo sauce. I asked them to add grilled chicken, as I was hungry for a good protein. Since the soup was the tortellini soup, I went with the salad. It was fresh and the dressing was house on the side. It was zesty and good. I always order dressing on the side. That way you can put just the right amount on your salad, and not drown out the taste of your fresh lettuce and veggies.

The salad and entree was paired with the wonderful garlic bread that they serve only at Taste of Italy. Just one bite and I was back home enjoying a real meal and looking at the wonderful view of the lake.

I didn’t bring a bottle of wine this visit, but when I go back, I plan to bring a nice bottle of Bogle Petite Syrah with its spicy undercurrent of bold flavors like mulberry and anise to bring out the beef flavor in the lasagna. Yep, that’s next for me at Taste of Italy. I’ve ordered many things on this menu, and have almost always been pleased. Great bread, great people, and great music.

Visit Taste of Italy at 2448 Co Rd 3440, Hawkins, TX 75765 or call 903-769-0600. They are open Tuesday through Sunday 11am until 9pm, closing at 10pm on Friday and Saturday.