Have you ever wondered….who is accounting for all these things that are happening in our cities and towns? Have you met the town scribe? Other than personal journals, or television news, the only business that is accounting for our daily history is the local newspaper. Social networking like Facebook, or Instagram are great to read for gossip, and to get some news, true or not. Online social networking is also a great way for musicians, photographers, and other artists to get their work out to the public. In fact all tv and radio stations, and news organizations use social media to get the word out.

We will be the first to admit, we don’t get all the news that happens, but we are able to assimilate what we gather, and we are able to produce what our local leaders put forth for us to publicize. Thank you to all of our contributors, teachers, administrators, elders of the cities, pastors and preachers alike, we frankly could not do it with out you.

The Journal is excited to bring you our special sections that support our local schools and our advertisers. The fact is, if we all don’t support our local business, chambers of commerce, schools and organizations then our towns would dissolve into one of the larger major cities, and our history would be swallowed up into a much larger vacuum, and a great deal of our local stars and heroes would not be recognized.

Do you get The Journal, in your inbox online, and in your mailbox at home? Online and our print are very different sometimes, and most often are two different publications. We want to continue to offer our online source for free, in order to do so we will continue to sell advertising, and sell our subscriptions at a low cost, so that everyone can get one in their mailbox. Please join our family and get the news delivered to your mailbox.

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