Black bag with red flower...Susan's new portfolio!

Good morning, Friends! Hope all you Daddies enjoyed your special day. Saturday, we traveled to Nacogdoches to watch Zach and the Performance Baseball team. Boy, it was HOT, but well worth the time spent with family and their team won! Sunday after church, I went to the birthday party of a cute little boy. Five-year-old Cambren Kuhn loves cupcakes, ice cream, and Legos. He’s a sweetie. Thanks, Ryan and Brittany, for letting me share his day.

Just as a reminder, Nanny’s will be closed for just a few days – Thursday-Saturday, June 22, 23, and 24. Jackie, Betty, and I are going to make a little trip to Dallas Market, but we’ll be back to regular hours on Tuesday, June 27th. This is one of two HUGE gatherings and we’ll be searching for unique gifts, jewelry, accessories, and clothes. We appreciate your patience!

One of our favorite friends, Susan Hayden, came in last week. Susan has an amazing eye for accessories and used her unique perspective to take a beautiful bag and repurpose it into a stylish portfolio! A letter-size manila folder fits perfectly – not only looking great, but it also keeps papers from spilling out!

Sonny has the new sprinkler system on the pergola sprinkling away. It’s even on a timer! This will make life much easier for us because, folks, summer is here. Thank you, Sonny!

Let’s see what’s going on this week. City Council was Tuesday night (June 29th). Lots going on around the city and I encourage everyone to attend these meetings – third Tuesday of every month, 6pm, at City Hall. The Big Sandy Area Lions Club will install new officers on Thursday (June 22nd) and that same night two of my favorite people, Kate and Andy Kirby, will be at The Red Rooster Ice House in Hawkins.

Saturday night (June 24th) Sit’em Down Cowboy Church will host the “Glory to God Music Festival” at Davis Ranch Arena with venders, silent auction, food, and some of the best gospel music you’ll ever hear! John Randolph, Kelly Moore, Bar None Cowboy Church Band, Back Roads Band, Sit’em Down Cowboy Church Band, and my favorites, The Hubbard Family. To quote Neil Diamond, “Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies and everyone goes” Take your lawn chair and get ready for a blessing.

I know this is kind of short (anything less than 500 words is short for me), but I’ve been out a couple of days and somewhat out of touch. Thanks again to all who have come to visit (and make purchases) at Nanny’s Porch. We really appreciate your support! Y’all be blessed, and as always…see you at Nanny’s Porch!