It's FALL at Nanny's Porch!

Good morning, Friends! First of all, I want to tip my hat to anyone who has more than one of anything…specifically children and/or fur babies. I’m writing this column Saturday morning from Chris and Kelly’s house in Lindale. They are winging their way to the Dominican Republic for a 20th anniversary vacation while Kelly’s dad and step-mom (Mike and Peg), Kelly’s step-dad and mom (Harry and Josie), and myself take turns watching after Zach, Seth, and grand-dog, L.P. I have Belle with me so that Michael and Milkshake (our cat) can have some peace and quiet, something that is in short supply here. And just for the record – the kids are easy!

And speaking of fur babies, we had a visit from Chad Lee’s sweet Sadie this week. Tuesday morning, Jackie and I were having coffee with Michael, Wayne, and James on the porch of The Porch. When two men stopped and took pictures of each other in front of our sign. They came up to the porch and introduced themselves – Thomas LaBeau from Montclair, California and Cory LaBeau a new Hawkins resident. Thomas was helping son, Cory and family, move and saw our sign. Thomas’ mom had been Nanny so the wanted a picture. While we were talking, we saw Sadie walking down Hwy 80. Jackie ran to the street, called her and she came up on the porch. We called Chad, who sent Kent to pick her up. She was a long way from the ranch but all worked out well. Thomas and Cory said it was a ‘sign’ that they were in a good place when we not only know everyone in town, but we also know their dogs!

More folks at the Porch in the last couple of weeks – Shirley Smith from Gilmer, Lawrence Bell, Darryl Williamson, Penny Honeycutt, Becky Desbourgh, Pat Allaire, Billy Earl and Jo Hobbs from Tyler, Boo and Marsha Buchheit, Carolyn Evans Johnson. Also, two delightful ladies, Patti Hanson from Holly Lake Ranch and Dottie Jones from Hawkins. We had such a good time visiting with them.

Ok, here it comes: the “shameless promotion” of goodies at Nanny’s Porch. We received our school-themed leggings Friday and they are soooo soft and fit great! This first order was a trial of sorts so we only have two colors – blue, gold, and white for Big Sandy and Jarvis; red, black, and white for Harmony, in three different patterns – to see if there’s any interest. We can order in Hawkins’ blue and white and Winona’s black and gold with a quick delivery date. I’ll be contacting each school in our area – Big Sandy, Hawkins, Winona, Harmony, and Jarvis – for a ‘mobile style show’ as soon as our other school items arrive (gloves with texting fingers, clear tote bags, and rain ponchos).

It’s just about time to wrap up this week’s column. Please note that we’ve adjusted our hours a bit. We’ve noticed that there is practically no interest on Saturdays so we have decided to take the weekends off for a while. We’ll be at the Porch Tuesday through Friday (10am-4pm) and closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. If you have an emergency shopping need, everyone either has my phone number, knows where I live, can catch me on Facebook or email at and I would love to open just for you! Y’all be blessed, and as always…see you at Nanny’s Porch!