photo by Linda Baggett

Good morning, Friends! Hope you all enjoyed the cooler weather. (You know, weather people shouldn’t be allowed to use the phrase “cold front” this time of the year unless the temps plunge to at least forty degrees.) Personally, I’m ready for snow so I can wear sweaters and socks, turn on the fireplace, and the critters (snakes) will GO AWAY! Michael killed a rat snake on our back porch last week. Our fierce hunting dog, Belle, stepped over it to go chase air so Michael beat it to death with a golf club. Come on, winter!

Last week was very, very slow at Nanny’s Porch. But we did see a few of our faithful friends…Mary Lynn Gorman, Lynda Childress, Laney and Maci, plus Cindy from Gladewater and five new friends from the ALERT Academy: Clarissa Christopherson, Alayna Warner, Katy Warner, Saralyn Hendrich, and Joanna Kane. They wanted pictures taken on the Porch with our beautiful mums, so Jackie obliged.

Has anyone ever heard the phrase “SHOP LOCALLY?” Jackie and I have decided we want to encourage folks to shop locally by sponsoring a weekly prize drawing. Here’s how it works: Beginning October 4th, if you make a purchase at a BIG SANDY BUSINESS, write your name and phone number on the back of the receipt, drop it off at Nanny’s Porch and each Friday morning we’ll draw a name and award a prize. First drawing will be Friday, October 13th from receipts showing dates from October 4th-12th. Second drawing on October 20th will be from receipts dated October 13th-19th, and so on. You get the idea. Check this column each week for the winner’s name and the business they patronized.

Just last week, Jackie had a manicure at KJ’s Salon (by the lake), we sampled muffins, cupcakes, and brownies from Blues Baking Company (906 W. Broadway just east of First National Bank), and I bought twenty pounds of the best chili meat in East Texas from Two Rivers Grocery. I also attended the Lance Lopez 40th Birthday Bash at the Big Sandy Music Hall. Yes, we understand that you can’t get everything you need right here in Big Sandy; HOWEVER, there’s lots available within our little community, so SUPPORT OUR LOCAL BUSINESSES! (Michael says I get a little preachy sometimes, so I’ll stop…for now.)

Well, I still have a few more articles for The Journal, so I think I’ll wrap this up. Remember, if you have anything you would like included in this column, contact me at Y’all be blessed, and as always…see you at Nanny’s Porch!