Peggy LaForce - First "SHOP LOCALLY" promotion winner and sweet lady! Photo by Linda Baggett

Good morning, Friends! Hope everyone had a great week. Our Big Sandy Wildcats certainly had a great Friday night with their 71-6 win over Cross Roads. We’re so proud of y’all! I also understand that some younger Wildcats have a chance to play in Jerry’s House. The flyer says, Help Us Get to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium! Wildcat Youth Tackle Football has a chance to play football in the Dallas Cowboy Stadium and we need your help to get there. Any help would be greatly appreciated as there will be many expenses. Please contact Chaffin Smith 903-736-2415 or Shaynee Hamberg 903-402-0064.”

We had a fabulous week at Nanny’s Porch. Officer Gilow dropped by for a bit and while we were solving world-wide problems, a gentleman stopped, handed Gilow a dozen donuts, and thanked him for his work! Loved the moment and such a well-deserved tribute.

I was sitting on the porch Wednesday morning and who should drive up but Debra (Wells) Johnston and Peggy LaForce! If you’ll remember, Peggy was in an incredibly serious accident several months ago, forcing surgeries, and a lengthy hospital and rehab stay. But she’s home now and looking and feeling great. They came back Thursday morning, too! Mary Lynn Gorman stopped in and we’re all on the porch having coffee. The next car to drive in is my cousin from Lone Star, Judy Biddy! Growing up, Judy and I were more like sisters and I loved catching up with her.

Jackie serves first sample of Hot Spiced Apple Cider to Jay Ratcliff. Photo by Linda Baggett

Other visitors last week were Kathy Dietrich from Hawkins, Tressa Ellis and Kathy Elliff from BSISD and the big guy himself, Jay Ratcliff, BSISD Superintendent. Jay was first to sample our hot spiced apple cider and really liked it! Sarah Strub stopped in to drop off her entry in our “SHOP LOCALLY” promotion. A very nice lady, Brittany Simons, from Hawkins came in Friday. We had met Brittany’s husband, Jergan, some time ago and he told us they were expecting their first child. He bought two wall hangings – one for a boy and one for a girl – and was going to use them in their gender-reveal party. Looks like the ‘girl’ one will go in the nursery because they are expecting little Avery Delynn to arrive on Valentine’s Day! Brittany promised to send us a birth announcement!

When Peggy was at The Porch on Wednesday, she spotted a cute black fringed vest. Guess she decided she must have it, because she bought it Thursday, and that little purchase was her winning ticket! Friday afternoon, we took all the receipts that were in our “SHOP LOCALLY” jar to our great neighbor, Johnny Lee Johnson at Johnson’s Automotive, and asked him to draw a winner. He pulled Peggy’s receipt and we have a gift bag for her full of goodies that include Natural Inspirations Dry Oil Body Spray, a prayer box, bird figurine, and more, totaling over $60! The jar is always on a table on the porch. Bring your receipt (name and phone on the back, please) and you may be the next winner. Drawing will be Friday, October 20th.

MUMS! Ten inch pots $10 and twelve inch pots $12.

“Shameless promotion” time¦We have beautiful mums and really cool pumpkins. If you don’t see the mums you want, let us know and well do our best to find them! Well, it’s getting late and I need to wrap up. Y’all be blessed and as always…see you at Nanny’s Porch!