Coffee time with (L-R) Harry McQuigg, Jack Hetzel, Peggy LaForce, David McQuigg, and Debra Johnston. Photo by Linda Baggett

Good morning, Friends, and Happy Thanksgiving! Hope this finds everyone well, happy, and ready for Thanksgiving. First, how about those WILDCATS! Last Friday night, our Cats met the Honey Grove Warriors at T.A. “Cotton” Ford stadium in Greenville. (and, yes, that’s the same Cotton Ford who once coached the Wildcats) The Cats won 49-14 and advance to the second round, meeting Centerville in Bullard Friday night at 7:30. GO WILDCATS!

The place to be Saturday night was the Big Sandy Music Hall. A great Rock & Roll show featuring Dale Cummings (The ‘C’), Shake, Rattle & Roll, Gib Maynard’s Elvis Presley tribute, and Rafael Espinoza’s Rockabilly Railroad. Norma Becker and I danced through Dale’s entire set. (We’ll be interviewing for one more Pip and a Gladys before we take our show on the road!) All these entertainers were fabulous and the packed Music Hall was proof. If you haven’t caught one of the great performances at the Big Sandy Music Hall, you should!

Sunday evening, the Big Sandy Ministerial Alliance’s annual Community-wide Thanksgiving service was held at First Baptist Church in Big Sandy. This is just one of three interdenominational activities – Thanksgiving, Christmas Walk, and Easter Sunrise Service – that brings our brothers and sisters in Christ together as one. We are so blessed to have such great fellowship between the many churches in our area. We may meet in different buildings with different names, but we’re all of one mind – Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior!

We had lots of visitors last week. Jackie met Sherry Rushing at The Porch on Saturday. During the week, Big Sandy friends Louise and Annette Greene, Sister Paye, and Barbara Rhodes came to shop along with out of town friends Pat Bender from Tyler, Corrine Paige from White Oak, and sweet Sandra Click (Porter’s pretty half) from Pritchett. Coming for Friday morning coffee, cookies, and fellowship were Peggy LaForce, Debra Johnston, Jack Hetzel, Harry McQuigg, and David McQuigg. Harry and David are from Wolverhampton, England and are visiting with Jack and Pat.

Well, folks, it’s official. As of December 31st, we will be closing out all gifts, clothing, jewelry, and accessories at Nanny’s Porch. Lack of interest in these items makes it economically unwise to continue in this direction. HOWEVER, it’s not the end of Nanny’s Porch. Early in 2018, we’ll be re-purposing the inside and getting ready for Spring with…

Guess I’ll end this week’s column now and get ready for church. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and, as always…see you at Nanny’s Porch!