Door décor, Art Pots, garden planks, and cardinal plant stakes...AWESOME! Photo by Linda Baggett

Good morning, Friends. First, please include our friend, M.L. Kirby in your prayers. M.L. is Andy Kirby’s dad (Andy and Kate own The Journal). On Tuesday, February 6th, M.L. was in a very serious car wreck that resulted in many broken bones and a partially collapsed lung. He is in Christus Mother Frances MICU and as of Sunday afternoon, was awake, the breathing tube had been removed and he is responsive. Please include M.L., his wife Pat, Andy and Kate, daughter Cindee, son Marty, and other family members in your prayers. We know God is watching over him!

Scarves and acryllic butterflies, hummingbirds, and dragonflies.

Well, we officially reopened Nanny’s Porch last Tuesday. It’s been a little slow, but there were several faithful friends who dropped in…Tamra Boykin, Cindy Hooser, Liz Elkins, Lisa Linnstedter, Janice Goss, Linda Allair, Boo Buchheit, Susan Williams, and Seth Williams. Dora Stratton and daughter, Donna Stratton Wallace surprised us so I called Michael and he joined us for a great visit. Dora and Donna live in Tyler and have been ‘family’ for many, many years and Michael and I love them.


Once again, it’s ‘shameless promotion’ time! After a couple of visits from Fed-X and UPS, we have MORE goodies! If you’ve been following our Facebook posts, you will have seen the beautiful scarves and fabulous umbrellas – regular and reverse-close – in amazing prints. There’s even a very animated video on Facebook featuring the reverse-close umbrellas and the talented hands of Nanny’s Porch-owner, Jackie Davis. (She’s a little camera-shy!)

12″ Art Pots
6″ Art Pots

One of those deliveries brought our Art Pots! These pots come in 6”, 12”, and 15” sizes and bring great color and whimsy to your porch or patio. Also, an alternative to a wreath is our door décor. Combine these with garden planks and cardinal pot stakes and you’ve got an award-winning yard!

Michael and Belle just brought in afternoon coffee so I think I’ll close and take a break. Happy Valentine’s Day, be blessed, and as always…see you at Nanny’s Porch!