Rain capes - reversible, light-weight, and beautiful!

Good morning, friends! Did everyone enjoy the sunshine Friday afternoon? Yes, it was brief, but a very welcome sight. Jackie and I had coffee on the porch while we enjoyed the sun and watched Gilow catch the school-zone offenders (he stopped 4).

Don’t forget about the community-wide potluck supper at First United Methodist Church this Saturday, March 3rd – 5pm. After supper, walk across the street to the Big Sandy Music Hall for an evening of uplifting gospel/bluegrass music from The Purple Hulls. Advance tickets are $10 ($15 at the door).

Michael and I had breakfast Friday morning with Wayne and Jackie at Uncle Mike’s Italian Café and it was great. I can personally vouch for the three fluffy pancakes and sausage (only $6!). The eggs and biscuits looked pretty good, too. Check out their entire breakfast menu by having lunch or supper there and asking for a copy!


Here comes the ‘shameless promotion!’ The really cool rain capes came in this week and we still have a few reverse-close and regular umbrellas. The fourth order of spinners is expected to arrive in a couple of weeks and they’re going fast, so reserve yours NOW!


This week, we have a couple of ‘testimonies’ for one of our products – ROAD SPILL…individually wrapped towelettes with a powerful stain remover. We had received a sample several months ago and pitched it in Jackie’s car. On our way to Dallas Market in July, we stopped at Buc-ee’s for a snack…kolaches with ham and cheese. Some of that hot, gooey cheese oozed out and plopped on Jackie’s white blouse. She used the ROAD SPILL and it cleaned the stain. Fast forward to last week and I managed to drip butter on my favorite purple blouse. Used the ROAD SPILL, pitched it in the washer and stain is gone! This stuff is great and only $1 per packet.

The column will be short and I’ll include all visitors with next week’s. I’m writing on Saturday afternoon instead of late Sunday night because I’m on Dobbie-duty this weekend, staying with grandkids Zach and Seth (and grand-dog, L.P.). Kelly had a conference in Chicago so Chris took a few days off and they’re having an adult weekend. Zach will be sixteen in May and won’t need me to chauffeur him so I’m making every minute count! Y’all have a good week, be blessed, and as always…see you at Nanny’s Porch!