Hayden DeCuir and Harvey, the Rabbit. Photo by Linda Baggett

Good morning, friends! I started writing this column Friday afternoon while sitting on the porch at the Porch, enjoying the beautiful sunshine and soft breeze. Although we’ll certainly have another freeze (East Texas weather), I can’t help but believe Spring is just around the corner. We’re so confident that Jackie is out today searching for plants!

Before I get too far, I’d like to ask for prayers for my mother, Maybelle Caughron. She fell on February 25th, injured her right arm, and it’s in a cast. We’ll be going back to the doctor (the fabulous Dr. Carey Clark at Azalea Orthopedic) on Thursday for a follow up. Please pray for healing. Thank you.

Michael and I went to Tyler Saturday morning to catch the performances of Jay Ratcliff (our Singing Superintendent) and Big Sandy Wildcat Elementary Chorale. They opened the festivities for the Texas Coffee and Donut Festival and were great. (Check the full article and pictures in this edition.)

Saturday fun continued with a pot-luck supper at First United Methodist Church with some really great home-cooking. Then it was off to the Big Sandy Music Hall for a performance by the Purple Hulls. Dr. Jack Hetzel, pastor of First United Methodist, and Big Sandy Music Hall owners, Kate and Andy Kirby, combined efforts to bring these talented young ladies to the Music Hall. Thank you all so much for such a great blessing!

Don’t forget: Saturday, March 10th, the young folks at New Beginnings Christian Fellowship will host their Annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser. Beautifully set tables, great food, and an attentive waitstaff will make this evening special for everyone. (only $6 per person) Please make plans to help support this youth ministry. After you’ve enjoyed this wonderful meal, don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed Saturday night because Daylight Savings Time begins early Sunday morning.

We’ve had quite a lot of folks come to the Porch in the last two weeks. I think I’ve listed everyone (except one of our very favorite people who doesn’t like to have his name bandied about.): David Barber, Mary Lynn Gorman, James Vester Johnson, Maryanna Culver, Janet Kottke, Marilyn Johnston, Pat Lavender, Kate & Andy Kirby, Lula Mae Snider Beavers, Debra Johnston, Peggy LaForce, Jane Davis McMillian, Tamra Boykin, Monica and Hayden DeCuir, Tiffany Green, Glenda Evans, Pennie Hitchcock and Joyce Charlton (from Omaha, TX), Tiffany Green, and our very own BSISD Educator of the Year, Teri Jackson! Michael and Wayne also dropped by just to be sure we’re running things right. If I missed you, come back and tell me!

Now it’s “shameless promotion” time for Nanny’s Porch. As I said earlier, Jackie is out today plant hunting. I’m hopeful she’ll bring back a few just to get some color on the porch at the Porch. We can always bring them inside WHEN (not if) the Easter frost hits. Plus, the purple finch parents who raised several baby birds in one of our hanging baskets are back and wanting to know what happened to their condo! We’ve made our 5th order of the cool garden spinners, and half of them are pre-sold. If you want one, you really need to speak NOW!

As you can see from the featured picture, Master Hayden DeCuir has found a new friend at Nanny’s Porch. Right after grandmother, Monica, let him select one of our cute Easter bunnies sitting on a swing, he and Harvey the Rabbit cuddled up in Jackie’s rocker. We still have more ‘swinging bunnies,’ so come get yours!

Well, I started the column Friday afternoon while enjoying the sunshine on the porch at the Porch. I finish it Sunday morning, looking out the windows of Michael’s office at a very grey and gloomy sky. It’s 7:30 and everyone (Michael and Belle) will be stirring around in a few minutes, so I’ll close for this week. As you drive by the Porch in the coming days, watch for changes outside, stop by for coffee and cookies and fall in love with everything we have to make your garden the best on your block! Be blessed, and as always…see you at Nanny’s Porch!