Beautiful flowers at Nanny's Porch!

Good morning, Friends! Last week was typical East Texas weather in March…rain, wind, chilly temps, warm sunshine. Just more indications that Spring is near. Our Gilmer Street back yard is home to cardinals, blue jays, flickers, downy woodpeckers, finches, at least one robin, and one pair of bluebirds with three eggs in the nest! My favorite time of the year!

If you haven’t heard, BIG SANDY WILDCATS ROCK!!! Our Wildcat Band made school history last week by bringing home the first ever Sweepstakes season…#1 ratings in concert and sight-reading contests, along with the #1 rating at marching contest last Fall. To say we are proud is just the mother of all understatements. Congratulations to Mr. Woodson and the 2017-18 Wildcat Band!

Continuing the winning WILDCAT spirit is our High School One-Act Play cast who “took the stage in Lindale, and in the second round of competition will be advancing!” (from Big Sandy ISD Facebook) In addition, many took home individual awards. I’m certain their fabulous director, Mr. Bearden, will send all the info to The Journal so we can properly recognize this amazing group of Wildcats!

I wasn’t at the Porch every day last week, so I’ll have to check our guest book and recognize our visitors next week. Friday was very busy and I had a fun ‘Facebook messenger conversation’ with across-the-street neighbor, Leslie Harroff. While she was waiting on a client, we talked about which plants wanted then she zipped over and got them. Always feel free to send messages – Facebook, text, email – if you have any questions or would like for us to locate something special for you.

Ok, here’s this week’s “shameless promotion.” WE HAVE PLANTS! Jackie and Charlie brought the first trailer load on Thursday and by Friday morning we were ready to sell. Beautiful geraniums, hydrangeas, begonias, Boston ferns, bougainvillea, Crape Myrtles, dahlias, delphiniums, Gerbera daisies, Knock Out roses, milkweeds (for the Monarch butterflies), pentas, oleanders, oxalis triangularis (GOOGLE this one!), and more. Also available is Vital Earth potting soil, Landscaper Peat Replacer, cedar mulch, and really cool Art pots for planting these beautiful plants.

Butterfly wall décor.

Make your patio or deck a beautiful extension of your home with decorative butterflies, wall plaques, inflatable ottomans, and one remaining solar butterfly. You can keep it pest-free with Skeeter Eggs mosquito repellant and for the occasional fly (or unruly child*), we have the cutest extendable flyswatters ever. (*My mother’s attitude-adjuster of choice.) Plus, one of my very favorite fun gifts…wine stoppers with LED lights! A perky pink flamingo, a flip flop, a palm tree, and a dolphin: with the flip of a little button, they flash different colors! The video is on our Facebook page – you just have to see them!

Flyswatters – extendable up to 28.3 inches!
LED wine stoppers!

Another short column this week, but I’m loading the online version with pictures. Check out or our Facebook page for some of the fun things we have. Have a blessed week, and as always…see you at Nanny’s Porch!