Beautiful flowers at Nanny's Porch!

Good morning, Friends! Last week was typical East Texas weather. We were in Lindale watching Zach play baseball on April 9th in sweaters and sweatshirts. Thursday brought sleeveless tops, Friday storms, and then bundled up for a very cold and windy Saturday soccer game. The one constant has been the wind, but that’s a great explanation for a bad hair day.

Friday’s storms put a great deal of the city in the dark for a while, but SWEPCO had the majority back on line in short order. All of our flashlights and lanterns seemed to have crashed so we took a little drive to the Dollar Store for new batteries then cruised around town. Belle, with her head out the window and ears flapping, managed to stir up a lot of noise as we drove down Pearl Street. Found the BSVFD on Robinson Street with a downed power line, so we stopped and visited a while. Then back home where we had lights!

We were pretty busy at The Porch last week and had many visitors. Jackie made a plant-run Wednesday and shortly after she returned, our favorite Hawkins gardener, Liz Elkins, drove in the lot. I swear she can smell new plants! Dr. Jack Hetzel and his precious wife, Pat, popped in, too, along with Becky Desborough, Tamra Boykin, Maxey Swanner, and many more. (I don’t have my list handy, so if I missed your name, I’m sorry.)

Back to the flowers…they are beautiful, especially the hanging baskets! Combo baskets featuring verbena, calibrachoa, and incredible petunias! These can be hung immediately, placed in another basket, or popped out and placed in a pot for instant beauty. They are easy to maintain and do well in our Texas heat. Just add water. Jackie is scheduled to bring more in on Monday so they’ll be ready for you on Tuesday!

Last reminder for Administrative Professionals Day. We’ll be sending out ‘suggestions’ to all the great bosses in town. Let us help you show your appreciation.

Seems like this week has been all about the food. Breakfast at Uncle Mike’s Thursday morning and Friday, Andy and Kate Kirby, Dave Ellison, Michael and I had lunch at Mike and Stephanie Hill’s Longhorn Smokehouse. Great as usual. We got to visit with Billie Thomas Johnson, George Strub, and the best cook in Pritchett, Cindy McMillian.

I’m posting the column a little early this weekend. It’s Saturday afternoon and after church tomorrow, Michael and I are going to Dallas for a couple of days. So, if I miss something exciting that happens Sunday, just let me know and I’ll include next week. Y’all be blessed, and as always…see you at Nanny’s Porch!