Nanny's Porch...your LOCAL go-to place for plants, gifts, and more!

For many years, Jackie Davis has had the dream of opening a small gift shop in Big Sandy. She and sister-in-law, Betty Johnson, discussed it several times over the past few years, but the time just didn’t seem to be right. Fast forward to 2017, Jackie’s prayers are answered and Nanny’s Porch is born. One afternoon while we were having coffee and muffins at Betty’s, we started talking about the gift shop. Jackie and husband, Wayne, owned the property at 202 West Broadway (next door to Johnny Johnson’s garage) and it seemed like the perfect place. Remodeling began inside and out – a larger opening here, new lighting there, and paint – LOTS OF PAINT! (Many questioned the peach and green, but now think it is beautiful!)

Good morning, Friends! A little over a year ago, I began the first “Nanny’s Porch” column with the above paragraph so I thought it would be appropriate to include it in the final column. Yes, this is the end of “The View From Nanny’s Porch” and May 31st will be the end of Nanny’s Porch.

We truly enjoyed having great friends come by not only to shop, but to give us encouragement and that meant so much! Friday mornings were always fun because we had our morning coffee with Pastor Jack Hetzel and his son-in-law, Goody. Kate and Andy Kirby, Dave Ellison, and Buzz Payne were ‘frequent Friday friends,’ too. More favorite friends were Pastor Liz Elkins, Maxey Swanner, Pat and Linda Allaire, Peggy LaForce, Debra Johnston, Tamra Boykin, the DeCuir Family, Lynda Childress, Mary Kay Thomas, Sylvia Duke, Sgt. Manfred Gilow, Marsha and Boo Buchheit, and more. Thanks to Sonny Parsons for all his help and support. (Sonny installed the watering system on the pergola!) Special thanks to our husbands…Wayne Davis, James Johnson, and Michael Baggett. (If I overlooked you, I’m sorry. It’s late and this is kind of a bittersweet time.)

We’re going out with a bang not a whimper! Last week, we held a private “Thank You” party for our faithful supporters with lots of food, drinks, laughs, and some pretty deep discounts!

It’s been an interesting and educational time. We (Jackie, Betty, and I) learned a great deal about business, human nature, and friendship. If you stopped by to purchase a gift for someone special, something for yourself, or just to say hello and wish us luck, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I like to think we served a need in our little town and brought some measure of happiness to those who received gifts from The Porch.

Before I close, I’d like to ask one favor: Support our local businesses – the old and established and the new and hopeful. At least go by and visit; you might find exactly what you’re looking for! So y’all be blessed…and good-bye from Nanny’s Porch.