TYLER, Texas – TxDOT is planning to conduct the following construction and maintenance work throughout the district during the Weeks of November 19 and 26, 2018. Schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions,equipment failure or other unforeseen issues. Slow down and pay attention when traveling through work zones.

Anderson County – Palestine Maintenance crews plan to clean ditches Monday on FM 315 between SH 155 and FM 321. Expect lane closures. The week of November 26, crews plan to conduct base repair operations on FM 2419 and FM 3309.  Expect lane closures with flaggers providing traffic control during work at both locations.

Long line striping operations to upgrade pavement markings are being conducted daily in Palestine on Loop 286, US 287, and SH 294. Motorists should use caution when traveling along these routes.

Anderson County construction projects updates:


FM 2054 Widening Project

  • Limits: From FM 321 south to 0.866 miles south of County Road 2802
  • Contractor: A.L. Helmcamp
  • Cost: $2.6 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date: March 2019

The contractor is placing reinforced concrete pipe on the driveways. Motorists should drive cautiously and watch for construction traffic. The project will widen the roadway to an eleven-foot lane each direction with three-foot shoulders. It consists of widening the roadway, extending structures, replacing driveway pipes, sealcoat, surface mix, striping, and new roadway signage.


SH 19 Widening Project II

·         Limits: From 3.6 miles N of FM 837 (Henderson Co. line) S to .4 mile N of FM 321 at Montalba

·         Contractor: Big Creek Construction

·         Cost: $12.5 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

The contractor is applying milled rumble strips to the centerline and shoulders, and installing permanent striping. Work is also being conducted at various locations within the project limits. The project is widening the roadwaywith the addition of shoulders and passing lanes. The posted speed limit is 55 mph.

US 79 at UPRR Overpass Project

·         Limits: 1.5 miles east of FM 2574 to 0.5 miles past UPRR Overpass

·         Contractor: Drewery Construction Company, Inc.

·         Cost: $1.6 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: January 2019

The contractor is scheduled to pour concrete mow strips at the northbound guard fence location this week. A traffic switch is scheduled for the end of the month. The new traffic pattern will split traffic to each side of the bridge with concrete traffic barrier set to protect work in the center of the bridge. Caution is advised due to narrow travel lanes. Wide loads should seek alternate routes due to restrictions for oversized vehicles. Daily lane closures are possible. The speed limit has been reduced to 60 mph through this project that includes,cleaning and painting steel girders, bridge rail replacement, and a concrete overlay of the existing bridge deck.

US 287 Overlay Project

  • Limits: 0.154 miles south of SH 294 in Elkhart, south to the Anderson/Houston County Line
  • Contractor: Big Creek Construction
  • Cost: $4 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date: Winter 2018

Milling and hot mix operations are set to get underway this week. The contractor will continue to work on concrete mow strips at guard fence locations. The speed limit has been reduced to 60 mph from just north of SH 294 southward to just south of the county line. Expect daily lane closures and delays. The project consists of guard fence upgrades, base repair, mill & inlay, surface treatment, surface hot mix, and permanent striping.

Cherokee County – Monday and Tuesday, (November 19, 20) Jacksonville and Rusk maintenance crews plan to perform pothole repairs on various roadways around the county. The week of November 26, crews plan to continue level up overlay operations on FM 2274 between US 79 and SH 204. Expect lane closures with flaggers providingtraffic control.

Cherokee County construction projects updates:

US 69 Widening through Wells

·         Limits: From 2 miles north of FM 1247 in Wells, south to 0.9 miles south of FM 1247

·         Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd.

·         Cost: $17.6 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2019

The contractor is placing driveways backfill on the west side of the roadway. The project is widening US 69 through Wells from two lanes to four lanes with new curb and gutter and a two-way left turn lane through town.There are minimal impacts on traffic. The speed limit has been reduced on the northern end of the project untilwork is completed.

US 84 Restoration in Rusk

  • Limits: From US 69 in Rusk to 0.46 miles east of SH 110
  • Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC
  • Cost: $2.7 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date: Winter 2018

No work is scheduled for this project that is placing roadway underdrain and repaving the roadway lane through town.

Gregg County – Longview Maintenance crews plan to implement milling and inlay operations on SH 300 from US 80 to FM 2275, and on SH 135 from US 271 to FM 2207, then onto the beginning of the four lane section. Expect lane closures with flaggers providing traffic control.

Gregg County construction projects updates:

SH 42 Rabbit Creek Bridge Repairs

  • Limits: One mile north of SH 31 at Rabbit Creek
  • Contractor: East Texas Bridge
  • Cost: $654,890.00
  • Anticipated Completion Date: Late Fall 2018

The contractor is placing rock riprap around the bridge. Expect lane closures. The project consists of bridge maintenance including painting steel girders and concrete patches. The project also includes bridge joint repairs on the deck surface.

SH 135 Kilgore Overlay

·         Limits: From north of Traffic Circle in Kilgore to .5 miles north of SH 31

·         Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC

·         Cost: $2.4 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

The contractor continues placing permanent striping and sealing bridge joints. Expect delays and alternating lane closures as the concrete median is poured. The project includes overlaying SH 135 from north of the Kilgore Traffic Circle to just north of SH 31 intersection. Project work includes a hot mix overlay, new pavement markings, newbridge rail and new Metal Beam Guard Fence.


US 80 Widening in Gladewater

·         Limits: Loop 485 to Locker Plant Road

·         Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd.

·         Cost: $3.5 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

The asphalt surface, driveways, and grass sod are being installed on the project. Expect alternating lane closures in both the eastbound and westbound lanes. The project consists of widening US 80 to four through lanes with a left turnlane from Loop 485 to Locker Plant Road.

Loop 281 at FM 1845/Pine Tree Road

·         Limits: From US 80 to Shofner Drive

·         Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd.

·         Cost: $4.5 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

The contractor is completing final work items. The project includes widening the roadway, installing storm drain,grading and base work, curb and gutter, raised medians, surface, signs and pavement markings.

SH 149 at Sabine River (Notice of Project Completion)

·         Limits: From SH 322 to approximately one half-mile north of the Sabine River Bridge

·         Contractor: Gibson and Associates

·         Cost: $3.1 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

Expect alternating lane closures daily as the contractor places the final striping. The project includes constructing new rails and sidewalk on the bridge, increasing its load carrying capacity, and installing new guardrail on I-20.

Henderson County – Athens Maintenance this week plans to conduct pothole repairs on roadways around the county. The week of November 26, the Special Jobs Crew will assist mill and inlay operations on US 175W between the Kaufman County line and SH 334. Work will also be conducted on SH 31W between Malakoff and Trinidad.Expect lane closures with flaggers providing traffic control.

Henderson County construction projects updates:

SH 31 Overlay Project

·         Limits: From FM 3204 east to 0.5 miles west of FM 315 in Chandler

·         Contractor: Big Creek Construction

·         Cost: $2.7 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

The contractor is scheduled to conduct hot mix operations as weather conditions allow. Ongoing work includes backfilling behind the guard fence mow strips. Expect daily lane closures. Watch for construction traffic exiting and merging throughout the project limits. The project consists of base repairs, mill and inlay, seal coat, surface hot mix, guardrail upgrades, and the installation of signs and pavement markings.

SH 19 Widening Project III

·         Limits: FM 1615 south to 0.3 miles south of Coon Creek

·         Contractor: A.L. Helmcamp

·         Cost: $4.9 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Spring 2019

The contractor is preparing to conduct hot mix operations as weather conditions allow. Expect daily lane closures and take alternate routes to avoid delays. The speed limit has been reduced to 60 mph for the duration of the projectwhich consists of adding 10-foot shoulders on both the northbound and southbound travel lanes.

US 175 Widening Project (Phase I)

·         Limits: From 0.1 mile SE of FM 804 near Baxter SE to 1.1 miles E of Loop 60E at Larue

·         Contractor: A.L. Helmcamp, Inc. and Big Creek Construction

·         Cost: $39.2 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

Miscellaneous work and final cleanup activities continue. Observe advance warning signs and expect lane closures.The speed limit is 55 mph on this project to expand US 175 from two lanes to a four-lane divided highway with a depressed median.

US 175 Widening Project (Phase III) in Anderson County

·         Limits: From 0.85 mile E of FM 315 in Poynor SE to .5 mile NW of SH 155 at Frankston

·         Contractor: A.L. Helmcamp, Inc.

·         Cost: $27.6 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2019

The westbound lanes are undivided and carrying all traffic as work is conducted in the eastbound lanes. Work is ongoing to install driveway pipe and box culverts in the two southern most lanes from Elm St. to Cemetery Rd.Clear/grub, demolishing existing culverts, and excavation work also continues. SW3P items are continuously installed and repaired on this project that is expanding US 175 from two lanes to a four-lane divided highway with a depressed median.

Rusk County – Henderson Maintenance crews plan to conduct base repairs on US 79S from Loop 571 to FM 225, and on US 79N between FM 3135 and FM 348. Expect lane closures with flaggers and a pilot car managing traffic control.

Rusk County construction projects updates:

US 259 NB Overlay

  • Limits: From US 79 in Henderson to Jarrell Creek (2.8 miles north of FM 1798)
  • Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC
  • Cost: $5.2 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

The contractor will utilize alternating closures of the northbound lanes while placing striping, repairing bridge joints, and placing metal beam guard fence. The project includes milling, applying a hot mix overlay, and installing new pavement markings on the roadway. Expect delays!

SH 149 Overlay Project

  • Limits: From the Gregg County line south to Panola County line
  • Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC
  • Cost: $6.3 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date: March 2019

Expect alternating lane closures and delays as the contractor conducts base repairs throughout the project limits. Work includes pavement repair, milling, hot mix overlay, bridge rail replacement, and installing new pavement markings.

Smith County – Tyler Maintenance crews plan to conduct ditch maintenance on roadways around the county Thanksgiving week. The week of November 26, base repair operations resume on FM 2015 as well as on FM 2908. Expect lane closures with flaggers providing traffic control at both locations.

Nighttime work continues to upgrade pavement markings on roadways around Tyler. The contractor is utilizing slow-moving mobile operations to install new pavement markings. Work is being conducted from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., Sunday through Thursday nights until the project is completed. Brief delays are possible.

Work locations are as follows:

–       SH 31W from Loop 323 to Chandler

–       West Loop 323 from US 69S/Broadway Avenue to US 69N

–       Spur 147/Gentry Parkway from Glenwood Drive to US 271/Beckham Avenue

–       FM 2493/Old Jacksonville Highway from Loop 323 to BU 69/Broadway

–       US 69S from Toll 49 to CR 137

Smith County construction projects updates:


FM 2015 Widening (New Project)

  • Limits: From I- 20 Westbound Frontage Road, north to CR 313
  • Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road
  • Cost: $3 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2019

Crews are setting barricades, mobilizing equipment, and beginning Phase 1 of the project. Expect single lane traffic daily with flaggers and pilot car providing traffic control. The project consists of roadway widening (to three lanes), and improvements to paving, drainage, striping, and signage.

US 69 Overpass at FM 346

  • Limits: At FM 346
  • Contractor: Longview Bridge & Road, Ltd.
  • Cost: $16.7 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2020

The contractor plans to place drainage pipe on FM 346 using daily lane closures. Right-of-way clearing operations are also ongoing along US 69. The project consists of building a new US 69 bridge over FM 346. 

FM 2661 Widening Project

  • Limits: From SH 31 to SH 64
  • Contractor: Longview Bridge & Road, Ltd.
  • Cost: $2.8 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2019

Drainage improvement operations continue with daytime lane closures in place. The project consists of widening the existing road and improving drainage.

SH 31 Surfacing Project

  • Limits: From FM 850 to FM 757
  • Contractor: Drewery Construction Co. Inc.
  • Cost: $1.8 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

The contractor is scheduled to continue guardrail work east of FM 2908. Expect daytime lane closures to begin at 8:30 a.m. for placement of the PFC surface. The project consists of placing the ¾” Permeable Friction Course (PFC) and replacing the guardrail near FM 2908.

Legacy Trails – Hike and Bike Trail Development

·         Limits: West Trail: Three Lakes Pkwy to FM 2813East Trail: Three Lake Pkwy to Cumberland Rd

·         Contractor: Reynolds & Kay Ltd.

·         Cost: $4.6 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date:  Spring 2019

The contractor is continues work on the trail alongside FM 2493 utilizing daily lane closures. The trail is not open to the public at this time. The project is constructing 4.4 miles of hike and bike trails in Southwest Tyler. It includes the construction of parking lots, driveways, landscaping, pedestrian ramps, crosswalks and drainage structures along the 10-foot wide hike and bike trails.

Spur 248 Widening Project

·         Limits: From 1.75 miles west of FM 848/Old Omen Road going east to SH 64 southeast of Tyler

·         Contractor: Lonestar Equipment Company, Inc.

·         Cost: $8.6 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

Final cleanup activities continue on this project. The speed limit is 55 mph during construction to widen Spur 248from two lanes to a four-lane divided roadway with a flush median.

Turn Lanes Project

·         Limits: Various locations throughout Tyler

·         Contractor: Lonestar Equipment Company, Inc.

·         Cost: $2.4 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

Work continues on US 69, south of Cumberland and at Rice Road at Broadway. Work will continue at Grande Blvd. and Old Jacksonville Hwy. using daily lane closures. Expect delays as work continues at these locations, weather permitting. The project is removing the existing medians to extend the turn lanes and add right turn lanes to various intersections in Tyler. Work locations include US 69, Cumberland Road, Independence, South Donnybrook,Rice, South Town and wrap up at Grande and FM 2493.

FM 346 Bridge Replacement Project

·         Limits: FM 346 at Prairie Creek, south of Lake Tyler

·         Contractor: Stateline Construction, LLC

·         Cost: $2 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Spring 2019

The contractor is conducting work on the bridge approaches. The work zone speed limit is 45 mph on this project toreplace the existing bridge with a wider one.


CR 356 & CR 234 Bridge Replacement Project

·         Limits: CR 356 at Simpson Creek, east of Winona; CR 234 at Mud Creek

·         Contractor: Stateline Construction, LLC

·         Cost: $800,000.00

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Spring 2019

The contractor is scheduled to place hot mix pavement at both locations. Both roadways are closed at the bridge locations on this project to replace the existing bridges with wider ones.


US 69 Resurfacing Project

·         Limits: From FM 346, south to the Cherokee County Line

·         Contractor: Drewery Construction Co. Inc.

·         Cost: $3.6 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

Cleanup operations are ongoing. The project consists of pavement repairs and placing a new Permeable FrictionCourse (PFC) surface.


I-20 Ramp Improvement Project

  • Limits: From US 69 to Jim Hogg Road
  • Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd.
  • Cost: $14.8 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2020

The contractor will continue retaining wall and bridge widening operations. Expect lane closures! The project consists of ramp improvements and construction of frontage roads.

Van Zandt County – Canton Maintenance plans to conduct mobile sweeping operations on SH 64 during the week from FM 314 to the Smith County line. The week of November 26, crews return to US 80 with shoulder work and ditch maintenance being between SH 19 and Grand Saline. Expect lane closures with flaggers providing traffic control.

Van Zandt County construction projects updates:

SH 64 Widening Project

·         LimitsFrom FM 16 to FM 858

·         Contractor: Big Creek Construction

·         Cost$9.6 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Winter 2019

The contractor is installing driveway pipe and extending cross structures. Level-up operations are underway and will require lane closures. Watch for flaggers conducting traffic control and expect delays.. The speed limit has been reduced to 60 and 50 mph along the limits. The project consists of grading, structure work, striping, sign upgrades, and widening the roadway with the addition of shoulders and passing lanes in each direction.

SH 243 Widening Project

·         Limits: From SH 198 east to SH 64 in Canton

·         Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road

·         Cost: $6.2 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Winter 2018

Structure improvements, road widening, and driveway work, are ongoing on the south side of the road. Minor delayscan be expected but no lane closures are planned. The project is widening the roadway from two to four lanes with aflush median, curb and gutter, and storm drain.

FM 314 Widening Project (Notice of Project Completion)

  • Limits: From I-20 to the Van Zandt/Henderson County line

·         Contractor: A.L. Helmcamp, Inc.

  • Cost: $11.9 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

Final cleanup activities continue on this roadway widening project. Minor delays are possible.

FM 1256 Widening Project

·         Limits: From FM 316 eastward to SH 19

·         Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd.

·         Cost: $5.8 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

The contractor is conducting minor cleanup activities and stabilization on this project. Periodic single lane closures are possible with flaggers providing traffic control. The project is widening and repaving the existing roadway and extending and improving drainage structures for safety.

FM 1652 Rehab Project

·         Limits: From FM 17 to FM 1255

·         Contractor: Highway 19 Construction, LLC

·         Cost: $4.5 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

Minor work items continue with the project now winterized. Periodic lane closures are possible with flaggers providing traffic control. The project is widening the existing roadway.

FM 1653 Rehab Project

·         Limits: SH 64 near Ben Wheeler, southwest to FM 858 at Martin Mills

·         Contractor: Drewery Construction Company, Inc.

·         Cost: $3.9 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

Minor work items continue with the project now winterized. Periodic lane closures are possible with flaggersproviding traffic control. The 5.5-mile project consists of roadway rehabilitation, widening, and extending and improving drainage structures for safety

FM 1861 Rehab Project

·         Limits: From SH 19 to FM 2339

·         Contractor: A.L. Helmcamp

·         Cost: $2.4 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

Final work items are being performed. Periodic lane closures are possible with flaggers providing traffic control. The project consists of rehabilitating and widening the existing roadway.

County Road 1825 Bridge Replacement Project

·         Limits: CR 1825 at UPRR .01 miles south of US 80 to southwest of Grand Saline

·         Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd.

·         Cost: $1.5 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

The roadway is open to traffic with the contractor installing signage and conducting final cleanup activities.

County Road Bridge Replacement Project

·         LimitsCR 3415 at Giladon Creek, CR 1903 at Mill Creek Relief, CR 2142 at Caney Creek

·         Contractor: B & E Construction, Inc.

  • Cost$904,800.00

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Winter 2018

Work continues on the CR 1903 Bridge at Mill Creek Relief. Work is underway on the CR 3415 Bridge at Giladon Creek which is closed for the duration of construction. The project consists of the replacementof three county road bridges in Van Zandt County.

Wood County – Mineola Maintenance crews plan to conduct base repairs on FM 2088. Expect lane closures at both locations with flaggers providing traffic control.

Wood County construction projects updates:

SH 182, etc., Safety Treating Project

·         Limits: Various roadway with current work on FM 182 from FM 17 to SH 154

·         Contractor: Highway 19 Construction, LLC

·         Cost: $1.2 million

·         Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

The contractor is preparing to start work on FM 1805. Structure widening and installation of safety features continues on SH 182. Expect minor delays due to periodic single lane closures with flaggers providing trafficcontrol. Final work is being conducted on FM 49. The project consists of extending and improving drainage structures for safety.

I-20 Total Maintenance Contract

·         Limits: Gregg, Smith and Van Zandt counties

·         Contractor: Firemen Excavation

Routine maintenance activities are ongoing on I-20 with moving operations throughout the week:

–           Debris Removal: Monday and Friday from the outside lane through all three counties

–           Debris Removal: Tuesday and Thursday from the inside lane through all three counties

–           Guardrail Repair: Smith County

–           Tree Removal: Underway in Gregg County – I-20 eastbound to remove down and dead trees

–           Button Operations: Smith and Gregg counties

–           Luminaire Repair: Van Zandt County – I-20 eastbound at SH 19

–           Sweeping Operations: Underway through all three counties

–           Barricade Repair: Underway through all three counties