Hawkins Football, Courtesy of The Blue Review.

An investigation into both districts has been requested by the UIL following an incident that occurred after the Hawkins vs. Cushing football game Friday. Cushing beat Hawkins, 22-20 on the final play of the game Friday night. But when the teams then met on the 50-yard line for the traditional congratulatory line following the game, a fight broke out.

According to Cushing Superintendent Michael Davis, after Cushing scored the winning touchdown, players and coaches rushed the field. Davis says, they received a penalty for coming on the field in celebration but then the referee revoked the penalty because the game was officially over.

When the coaches came out to shake hands, a verbal altercation took place between one of the Hawkins ISD assistant coaches and one of the Cushing ISD assistant coaches, which resulted in a fight between the teams.

“The game Friday was well-played by both teams, I commend all of the student athletes for their competitiveness and hard work. In a game such as this it is, in my opinion, the role of the coach to de-escalate the emotions, not to amplify them. Actions by a Cushing ISD coach were unacceptable as reflected by an unsportsman like conduct penalty. This is not about points on the scoreboard, it is about sportsmanship, period. We have all our options on the table as we move forward from this unfortunate incident,” said Morris Lyon, Superintendent Hawkins ISD.

Both Hawkins ISD and Cushing ISD superintendents say they will await the UIL investigation before making any decisions. Until then, both say they are moving forward and looking forward to their next games.