Maxey Swanner, Jackie Davis, Wayne Davis, and Monica DeCuir. Photo by Liz Elkins

In recent years, the James DeCuir family – wife, Monica, along with sons, Chad and Bradlee – has chosen an individual who exemplifies service to our community. While the official title of this award is the “James DeCuir Volunteer Fire Department and Law Enforcement Special Honorees,” it is not mandatory that the recipient serves in either capacity. This year, Monica, Chad, and Bradlee chose to honor their family friend, Wayne Davis.

Presenting the award to Wayne was long-time friend, Maxey Swanner. In his introduction, Maxey said, “It is truly hard to think of the correct words to honor someone who has done so much for our city, school, and citizens. He and his wife, Jackie, not only give monetarily, but also spend much of their time giving back. The honoree doesn’t just loan equipment to the school and city, but is always hands-on making sure everything is completed to his satisfaction. Whether repairing city roads, helping the Ag Department, or the citizens, he always the first to offer a helping hand.”

“The James DeCuir Award recipient is a graduate of Big Sandy High School and served on the City Council in the early 80’s. He is a loyal supporter of the Big Sandy Volunteer Fire Department, giving of his time and resources.” James met the honoree in 1975 at which time they became friends. Their friendship remained until James passed away. It is the DeCuir family’s pleasure to honor Wayne Davis as the 2019 James DeCuir Award recipient.”

Wayne is co-owner of TWS Drilling. He and Jackie, have one son, Jeff, two grandchildren, Charlie Davis, Carlee Davis Leslie and husband, Travis, and great-grandson, Tanner.