Wood County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff’s Report 01/21/15 through 01/27/15

January 21

Sgt. Chris Turner and Lt. Kelly Smith were dispatched to a residence on CR 2774 in reference to a burglary which had just occurred. Turner was able to determine the point of entry with the discovery that the rear door had been forced open causing the door jamb to split. A cursory examination of the residence revealed multiple items to be missing including two guns, cash, an iPod Air and a jewelry box along with its contents. The total value of the items initially reported missing is $14,000. The complainant later called to say they had discovered more items missing after checking the entire house. Other items found to be missing include a camcorder, a wedding dress, a backpack which contained a rangefinder, binoculars and miscellaneous game calls, several Apple electronics, a laptop and a box containing approximately 100 old comic books. Investigators continue to actively pursue several leads in this case.

Sgt. Turner was dispatched to a residence on FM 2422 for a burglary report. The complainant stated he arrived home at approximately 3:40 pm and observed the rear door to his residence was kicked in. While checking the residence, the complainant discovered two guns and a laptop missing. The missing items have a collective value of $1,100. Items of evidentiary value were discovered at the residence which appeared to link the burglary to the earlier reported burglary on CR 2774. Investigators were called to the scene and collected evidence that will be used to identify suspect(s).

Deputy Aaron Warren and Sgt. Chris Turner were dispatched to a residence on FM 2422 in reference to a burglary that appeared to be connected to two earlier reported burglaries. The rear door suffered damage to the door frame consistent with being forced open. A radio controlled car and a revolver were taken from the location. Several other guns were found disturbed in the home but were not taken. The missing items from this location totaled $600. Investigators responded to the scene and collected evidence. This string of burglaries remains under active investigation and several leads are being followed in hopes of identifying suspects.

Deputy Kevin Atkinson was dispatched to a residence on FM 2869 in response to a dispute. According to the reporting party, he had been playing cards and drinking with two friends when one of them brandished a pistol and began to wave it around. According to the man, he and the other man present managed to get the gun from the third man. He further advised the ammunition and magazine were given back to the man but due to concerns for their safety, the gun was not given back. At the reporting party’s request, Atkinson took possession of the gun and transported it to the Sheriff’s Office where it was placed under lock and key until such time as it is claimed by its legal owner.

January 22

Deputy Tucker George and Sgt. Chris Turner were dispatched to the C & C Country Store for a report of indecent exposure. The female employee of the store stated a man had purchased a piece of candy then exposed himself to her. The victim also stated the man then asked to use the restroom where he changed from pajamas pants into regular pants before leaving the store. According to the victim, the man also apologized for his behavior before leaving the store. The quick-thinking victim was able to get a photo of the company vehicle being driven by the suspect. Sgt. Turner was able to make contact with the man’s employer and obtain a name and driver’s license number of the suspect. Sgt. Turner was also able to get a photo of the suspect which the woman positively identified as being the man who exposed himself to her. The victim stated she did wish to pursue charges against the man. This case has been forwarded to CID for warrant review.

January 23

Deputy Justin Bowring was called to the Yantis High School for a report of a minor drinking alcohol. Bowring arrived to find a young man sitting on a tailgate and noted he smelled of alcohol. When asked if he had been drinking, the young man acknowledged he had consumed two or three beers. Bowring also observed an open 30-pack of beer sitting in plain view. Bowring took custody of the beer and placed Samuel Tanner Earle, 17, of Tyler under arrest for the offenses of minor in consumption of alcohol and minor in possession of alcohol. At Earle’s request, his vehicle was released to a friend.

January 24

Sgt. William Burge was dispatched to a residence on CR 1416 for a report of burglary of a habitation. The complainant advised that unknown person(s) had entered her home through a door which is left unlocked and removed several items without her consent. Multiple items of value throughout the home were undisturbed such as a pistol, laptop and cell phone. The missing items include an antique wedding band, a man’s gold wedding band, and miscellaneous other items of jewelry with a collective value of $3,223. The complainant provided information about a possible suspect and the case was forwarded to CID for continued investigation.

Deputy Jeremy Ragsdale was dispatched to CR 2560 for a report of illegal dumping. The complainant stated she had observed a white pickup parked on the side of the county road earlier in the day and a white refrigerator was in the bed of the pickup. Later in the day, a refrigerator matching the one seen in the back of the pickup was observed dumped in the ditch of the county road. Information was given to Ragsdale concerning the identity of one of the pickup’s occupants. Photographs were taken of the refrigerator and the case has been passed to an investigator who will work to locate the suspect(s).

January 25

Deputy Jeremy Ragsdale was dispatched to CR 4830 in reference to a domestic disturbance. The male complainant stated he was attempting to change the combination to the lock on a gun safe when his wife got in front of him and would not let him close the door of the safe. The man also advised he is currently trying to get a divorce from the woman and while he was on the phone with the Sheriff’s Office his wife called 911 and reported the man was choking her and being abusive with her. Ragsdale noted the woman bore no marks consistent with her story. According to the woman, she only wanted her three firearms which she described as one shotgun and two pistols. After speaking with both parties, the woman was allowed to retrieve her guns and the couple agreed to separate for the day. Neither party wished to pursue charges in the matter. This case is closed.

January 26

Deputy Kevin Atkinson was dispatched to PR 5883 in reference to illegal burning. According to his report, Atkinson recognized the address as one to which he had been several times prior in response to the same complaint. He also noted a cloud of dark smoke emanating from a pile of smoldering debris near the residence. Examining the burn pile, Atkinson observed blackened wiring, electronic components, batteries and braided fiberglass sleeves consistent with insulation for electrical wiring. After speaking briefly with the home’s resident and noting she had been issued multiple verbal warning in the past for the same offense, Atkinson placed the woman under arrest. Sharon Kay Elkins, 55, of Yantis was transported to jail where she faces a charge of violation of the clean air act (illegal burning).

Deputy Steven Fields took a report from a complainant on CR 2230 who stated she had a call from someone who identified themselves as a representative of the IRS. The woman was told she owed $3,788 to the IRS and was instructed to purchase Green Dot cards and call him with the card information. The woman did as instructed and sent a sum of $1,760. The man then stated he would be calling at 9 am the next day to negotiate a payment schedule for the balance. The woman later began to doubt the legitimacy of the call. Fields took photos of the Green Dot cards and the receipt. This case is now in the hands of an investigator.

January 27

Sgt. Kyle Henson took a report of debit card fraud from a woman who resides in the Hawkins area. The woman stated that while checking her on-line bank statement, she discovered a charge she did not authorize. The transaction, in the amount of $573.17 to Time Warner of New York, was credited back to her account by her bank. The woman was issued a new debit card by her bank in an effort to prevent any further fraudulent charges.

Lt. Kelly Smith took a report from a man at Holiday Villages who reported his dog was stolen over the weekend. According to the man, the dog’s collar was unlatched and left lying on the ground. The complainant was advised to contact local shelters and veterinary offices. Smith also learned the dog was implanted with a microchip and advised the man to contact the microchip service and advise them the dog was missing and suspected stolen. A photo of the dog was put on social media with the owner’s contact information. This case was forwarded to investigators who will follow up to determine if the dog is located.

CID Summary

On January 21, 2014 deputies and investigators responded to three burglaries in and around the area of FM 2422.  Guns and electronics were taken in all three burglaries.  The back door was kicked in on all three houses.  The deputy on scene utilized the new in-car computer in his patrol car to track the vehicle.  Investigators communicated with the deputy on scene while the deputy tracked the item to a residence in Longview.  Investigators were able to locate the suspect vehicle.  Investigators identified the suspect in the burglaries.  The suspect currently has three outstanding warrants for Burglary of a Habitation from Wood County.  Some property has been recovered. Investigators are still tracking missing property and expect more warrants to be issued for additional suspects.

On January 21, 2014 investigators responded to a burglary in the Winnsboro area which had just occurred.  Investigators located the suspect vehicle and assisted in the apprehension of the suspect.  The burglary occurred in the city of Winnsboro and the case was handed over to Winnsboro Police Department. The individual apprehended by investigators was Jeffrey Burrows, 52, of Quitman who was later charged with robbery.

On January 28, 2014 investigators received a call of a theft which had just occurred in the area of CR 3130.  Investigators received suspect vehicle information and were familiar with the vehicle.  Investigators then went to a residence on SH 154 east and made contact with Jeffrey Burrows.  Mr. Burrows was still in possession of the described stolen property.  Mr. Burrows was arrested and the property was returned to the owner.

Current Jail Population  131                                               Males         103

Females       28

Book-Ins         31

Releases          32


Solomon Ulysses Savage, 30, Tyler, bond forfeiture, motion to revoke, driving while intoxicated.

Dawn Delores Hawkins, 33, Elgin, OK, two counts, theft of property, more than $1500 less than $20,000.

Jeffrey Alan Burrows, 52, Quitman, robbery.

Timothy Edward Roberson, 20, Winnsboro, organized retail theft, $50 or more.

Barron Keel Duplechein, Jr., 35, Bonham, motion to adjudicate guilt, burglary of a building.

Shannon Dewayne Schattel, 25, New Caney, bond forfeiture, driving while license invalid with prior conviction.

Phillip Scott Fullington, 26, Mineola, organized retail theft, $50 or more.

Dammion Emilio Murphy, 25, Mineola, possession of a controlled substance, penalty group 3 less than 28 grams in a drug free zone; two counts possession of a controlled substance, penalty group 1, more than one gram less than four grams.

Jason Williard Briggs, 22, Winnsboro, credit card/debit card abuse, elderly.

Charles Clifton Newman, 32, Quitman, driving while license invalid with prior conviction; expired registration; failure to appear.

Christopher Hale, Sr., 41, Mineola, bench warrant, civil.

Jessica Ann Newman, 31, Quitman, purchase furnish alcohol to a minor.

Christopher Joerenst Gomez, 23, Winnsboro, disorderly conduct obscene language; possession of drug paraphernalia.

Joe Kenneth Musselwhite, 58, Mineola, injury to elderly, enhanced.

Patrick Alen Whitehill, 24, Mineola, organized retail theft $50 or more.

Rebecca Ruth Nelson, 34, Winnsboro, expired operator’s license; speeding 10% or greater than posted limit; failure to appear.

Samuel Tanner Earle, 17, Tyler, minor in consumption; minor in possession.

Michael Raymond Sprouse, 28, Mineola, driving while intoxicated; driving while license invalid with prior conviction.

Garrett Skeet Amason, 20, Winnsboro, possession of a controlled substance, penalty group 1 more than one gram less than four grams.

Zack Atwood Merrill, 34, Sulphur Springs, resist arrest, search or transport; fail to ID; disorderly conduct; public intoxication.

Mark Christopher Phillips, 42, Mineola, two counts possession of a controlled substance.

Lisa Michelle Phillips, 24, Sulphur Springs, possession of a controlled substance, penalty group 1, less than one gram; possession of drug paraphernalia.

Heath Douglas Dreiling, 35, Quitman, bond forfeiture, failure to appear, possession of a controlled substance, penalty group 1, less than one gram; bond forfeiture, failure to appear, tamper with physical evidence.

Ayla Roxanne Carson, 18, Alba, possession of marijuana, more than two ounces.

Stephanie Marie Loy, 35, Mineola, commitment, driving while intoxicated, second.

Shane Michael Vanhorn, 28, address unknown, out of county warrant, criminal mischief more than $50 less than $500.

Christopher Robin Fischer, 42, Golden, failure to appear, sewage disposal permit violation.

Derek James Wessels, 24, Mineola, fraudulent use/possession of identifying info.

Sharon Kay Elkins, 55, Yantis, violation of clean air act (unlawful burning).

Steven Allen Bridges, 32, Quitman, theft less than $50; out of county warrant, revocation of probation, driving while intoxicated with child passenger.

William Johnnie Johnson, 68, Yantis, out of county warrant, bail jumping and failure to appear.

Varice Dwayne Chambers, 21, Houston, out of county warrant, possession of marijuana two ounces or less; out of county warrant, capias, speeding; out of county warrant, capias, violate promise to appear.